Biological Tissue and Surfaces Research

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Main focus is the investigation of biological tissue with high-resolution techniques (AFM and single molecule localization microscopy)

a) to provide new assisting tools for clinical diagnostics and

b) to prove the success of a therapy at molecular-mechanistic scale.

In addition to it surfaces of technical materials which are typically used in health care (eg. implants, medical instruments, floorings in a hospital) are morphologically characterized with microscopic techniques to identify weak spots in daily routine and potential for enhancements.


Fluorescence spectroscopically & AFM characterization of the surface of methane storage cells powered by bacterial activity.


The effects of medication and other factors on the structure of the cardiac muscle, as investigated by atomic force microscopy (AFM) on histological samples.


Optical investigation of artefacts in AFM recordings, using very high frequency (up to 30 kHz) video recordings of the AFM tip.