Magetic Resonance Imaging

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In cooperation with the Department of Neuroradiology at the AKH in Linz, Dr. Robert Merwa focuses on improvements of MRI images.


Dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) MRI provides an exciting opportunity to study kinetic parameters of human tissues. The quantification of these parameters relies on time-dependent signal changes in a major artery (AIF). But for field strength above 1.5 T RF-field inhomogeneities occur which produce considerable intensity variations and the estimation of the AIF fails. The objective of our work is

(a) correction of the influence of B1 inhomogeneities,

(b) calculation of the temporal T1 relaxation time,

(c) calculation of the time course of the contrast agent concentration in tissue,

(d) determination and evaluation of the AIF obtained in major arteries

(e) estimation of tissue parameters in predefined regions of interest.

High field distribution