AFM on histological brain samples (Finished)

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This project deals with the development of a possible technique to detect specific brain tumors in their early stages. The atomic force microscopy is used as a tool to recognize degenerative changes in human histological brain samples. The advantage of atomic force microscopy is the capability to image surface structures at nanometer resolution.

afm Atomic force microscopy images of deparaffined histological brain sections. Top left shows a region of hippocampus abundant in healthy neuropil. Parallel-arranged fibers form a well-organized network of bundled strands. In top right the granular cell region of the hippocampus displays intact cells in healthy neuropil. Bottom left and bottom right show several polymorphous glia cells embedded in highly porous neuropil. The samples were derived from patients suffering from grade III astrocytoma. Bottom left was taken from hippocampus, bottom right from the parietal cortex