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With increasing age it becomes harder for people to live independently. But although many tools and technologies would be readily available to help people to stay independent, even the existence of those tools is unknown to most who could readily profit from them.

With this project we want to create an online-database, which provides elderly people, relatives, and support personal with easy access to information about products that help people to stay independent as long as possible.

Project Leader: Thomas Haslwanter
Co-workers: Theo Rumetshofer
Funded by: Regio 13 (Upper Austria) - European Regional Development Fund (EU)
Duration: October 2011 – December 2013

Sub-project of: Inversia


The aging of our population leads to an increasing prevalence of elderly people, depending for their living on their families or on home-based care. This could lead to a cost explosion in the health and welfare systems, and more and more countries are confronted with these problems.

To counteract this trend, and to enable people to live independently as long as possible, it is important to provide information about assistive technologies which can increase the independence of people and their quality of life. Since even many professionals don’t know about the existence of such products, it is important to make this information more easily available. Such an information system could help disabled and elderly people, their families and all professional workers to find out about existing technical solutions to solve practical problems in daily life.

“Assistive technology” in a wider sense is any product or technology-based service that enables disabled and elderly people in their daily lives, education, work or leisure. The market of assistive technology in Europe is estimated at 30 billion €, and there are over 50.000 products available. Our goal is to create an online information platform to provide information in a cost-free, easy and effective way. Thereby we want to cooperate with manufactures and distributors. The platform consists of a webpage (using "Joomla") and a database (using "MySQL") in which informations about assistive devices and products are stored. The information of these products can be entered directly by manufacturers and distributors.

The “BleibSelbstständig”- project could help elderly and disabled people to stay independent as long as possible, without straining the social system unnecessarily.